Tips from Canadian Bride .com

Make a list before you begin to look for that perfect bridal gown:

  1. The size and formality of the wedding
  2. Any figure faults about which you may be sensitive
  3. How soon you need delivery
  4. How much you are prepared to spend

Learn From The Experts
Share the information you have brought with the bridal consultant who is looking after you. This will jump-start the search because she knows her stock and will be able to pull out the gowns that are a fit to your taste.

Only try on gowns that interest you. If you try on too many gowns, you will get tired and confused. We do suggest, however, that if the consultant urges you to try on a specific style that wasn’t on your wish list, do try it on. Her experience may be pointing you in an interesting direction. We hear everyday from brides who say, “I never thought I would have worn that style, but when I put it on at the urging of the consultant, I knew it was right for me.”

Be prepared to put down a deposit because each gown is custom-ordered.

Allow enough time for delivery, perhaps six months. If the gown is made in Canada, it won–≤’t take as long.

Shop With One Person Whose Opinion You Trust