The Questions Most Often Asked  … About Choosing A Gown

(As detailed by Canadian Bride)

Losing Weight

I’m going on a strict diet for the next six months. Should I order my gown one size smaller?

No. A gown can always be taken in but cannot be let out. Sometimes tension and all the extra social activities prior to the wedding make weight loss impossible.

Gown Colour

What influences the choice of white or ivory? Is it personal preference or skin colour?

White was once considered the traditional colour for all women, but now skin tones are paramount. Blondes with fair skin look best in white, but redheads and women with olive or darker complexions usually look best in ivory.

Footing The Bill

Question:  Who pays for the wedding gown? I want to approach this with sensitivity and avoid a family feud.

Answer:  Once upon a time, it was the bride’s parents, but this is no longer taken for granted. Today, it may be the bride or a sharing of the cost with her parents. The older and more established the bride is, the greater the tendency for her to buy her own gown.

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