Rome wasn’t built in a day and you can be sure that choosing a bridal ensemble is going to take time and thought. For the most important day of your life, your gown must be perfect and your headpiece exquisite – and both must be flattering to you and your special figure and face shape. To find out what suits you best, you’ll have to do some searching.

Remember you will be making a substantial investment in the most important gown you’ll ever buy and you have the right to have all your questions answered. Ask where the dress was made, what fabric was used and what that fabric is like to wear – does it create or crush easily for instance – and whether the beads have sewn on by hand or merely glued in place. The answers to these questions will tell you if this is the gown for you.

Give yourself plenty of time to speak with the people in charge – you don’t want to feel rushed when you make your choice. Begin your visits well in advance, since special orders can take as long as three to six months to arrive.  Knowing that a team of experts are in charge of all the details relieves you of a huge burden of worry.

We would definitely suggest that you ask about storage. At Promises and Lace, we are able to properly store the gown until you need it. It can be difficult to have to bring it home in advance if you don’t have adequate facilities to properly store your gown. As part of our full service, we ensure to press and steam your gown.

Below are some helpful questions to ask when selecting your gown:
  1. Do you feel comfortable with your bridal consultant? Ask questions about the gown of your dreams. As a customer you are entitled to know designer, fabric, ordering process, etc.
  2. Did the bridal consultant give you suggestions for the perfect head piece and accessories?
  3. Ensure the boutique will special order your gown, and check delivery time anticipated.
  4. Check on the estimated alteration charge and ensure alterations are guaranteed to satisfaction.
  5. Review details for final preparations of the gown, ensure steaming and pressing details are included in the cost.
  6. Enquirer about free storage facilities.
  7. Ask if the boutique rents hoops / crinolines.

All of the above can be identified by a true service boutique. Know and feel comfortable with the reputations, service, and boutique before you make a final decision.